14 Days :/

Hello! This z my first story in this group....i m bit overweight....i hav a bf in army...he z under training...till now i didnt use to bother about my weight n i reduced around 6 kilos n got in shape...but i didnt realise when i gained all that again. He will be back in 14 days....i just need some advice on how can i lose again around 4-5 kilos in just 14 days...... I mainly need motivation....i m going on diet n beginning to workout. But the problem with me is that i cant remain without food....it becomes difficult for me to control myself when i see my favourite dishes.... Can u tell me how to overcome this desire of eating???

Ur advice will b greatly appreaciated..... Cya :)
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Have you heard of Body by Vi?? It works for me and my family..you do a replacement meal with a shake twice a day with healthy snacks in between. They say breakfast is the most important day of the meal but that is the one of the meals they want you to replace. Snacks in between is considered like a bowl of salad and healthy bars fruit bowls with alot of water. You can still eat your favorite dishes just in smaller portions. This shake fills you because of the protein and fiber it has in the ingredients. It also has alot of nutrients and vitamins in the shake that boost your energy level and maintains a healthy body. I lost 30lbs in a month. My boyfriend lost 32lbs in month my daughter however lost 15lbs cause she is only 12yrs but very over weight for her height and age. But she has soo much energy taking the shake to do things that she never found herself doing at all. Being committed to a program or product is a plus and key for anything to work. The YOYO effect only happens if you let it happens. Well good luck with your endeavor hope you reach your goal before your husband comes home..Aloha!!

You could eat small portions of it (: or eat healthier options for it. For example, say you really love spaghetti. You could make whole pasta instead of the regular stuff. Get a low fat sauce with ground turkey instead of ground beef. Just substitute things basically. Eat snacks throughout the day (healthy ones lol) and have your 3 main meals a day. Try to drink water as often as possible. If you need to have flavor, I recommend buying Crystal Light (: has no sugar, 5 or 10 calories, with really good flavor (: so many different flavors too! And it's not bad for you either! For snacks, I would say try eat vegetable or fruit. Almonds are really good for you! Or you could buy the 100 calorie snacks. If you eat ice cream, buy the 1/2 the fat Edy's icecream. It takes just like the regular fat Edy's icecream!!! Most importantly, actual follow the portion sizes and count your calories! That will help (: If you have anymore questions, you can message me!

Thanks :)

No problem (: my dad eats food like crazy and had to stop because he got type 2 diabetes. He still eats the foods he loves once in a while, just more healthy versions of them. He joined the weight watchers program. Basically to tell you how many calories you can have and stuff like that. He's actually lost some weight from it. I think like 20 pounds in the past 3 months?