Today I Decided To Take Control Of My Body

I've gained about 30 pounds over the past year since I quit partying. Today I joined weight watchers and I'm pretty excited. I had planned on joining a couple months ago but for some reason I put it off. Last night I woke up thinking about it and all day I've been asking myself what is my deal, why didn't I join? A few reasons I came up with was that I didnt want to admit my wieght was an issue. It hurts my feelings that I gained weight this past year being sober because I had to give up getting high because of probation and not my own volition. Also, I was kind of planning that once probation was over I would just get skinny again the way I was used tweaking out. Today I decided to take control of my body and in a way, my life, so that I can be healthy and feel good about myself without needing a drug that can jeapordize my freedom and my mind. I have never been slender and sober. I feel so happy even with the weight gain that I cant wait to see how good I feel once I lose it! I'm gonna start with the 30 I gained and then probably do 20 more. I'll undoubtedly be letting you know how it goes. Wish me luck !
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1 Response May 16, 2012

I tried weight watchers but it was so hard keeping up of what i ate. I joined Visalus about 2 months ago It was great!! read my story if you have any questions let me know! see if this is right for you. not only do you reach you goal but you feel good and energized!!Good Luck! my email is