Week 1

I've made it! YAY. A week ago, I set a goal of losing 2.2 kg in 3 weeks. Well - I've made it in one. YAY! I'm so unbelievably skinny. Not really. But I'm getting there.
My next goal is losing another two kg in two weeks. This is going to be difficult. Any sweets or calorie-inflated foods will ruin my goal. Daily exercise, cycling, running should be administered.
I've made several important realizations. First, it's going to get better. With more exercise, my muscles will burn more calories, even in rest. My abdomen will get smaller, and my mind will adjust, which means I will suffice with less food (really only the nutritious stuff - do with food what you're meant to!) I'll get used to exercising, which means I won't have to muster up self-control to do it every morning.
Moreover, I shouldn't reward myself with food or anything. This is precisely the wrong mentality. Food is good, and can be fun, but only when it's healthy. Yes, there are many healthy, tasty, cuisines. I should reward myself with stuff that will make exercising / diet easier.
Like - special healthy food, or some exercise equipment. Maybe a pedometer, sweatpants, speedometer for bicycles. Perhaps running in a special place, like in the woods, or in another city. Going to the beach or the pool and enjoying other sports. Running shoes will be nice, too. The possibilities are endless.

"The one way to get thin is to re-establish a purpose in life." It really is just a part in a bigger plan.
YoungFolks YoungFolks
18-21, M
May 17, 2012