Phase 2 Day 22 174.2lbs

Hmmmm. Where do I begin. Yesterday I weighed myself and I was 173.8lbs. Lately, I have been very stressed and I am trying to keep myself calm. Well today I was not that fortunate to keep myself composed. I was having a confrontation on the phone with an associate who owes me a lot of money and I felt like I my body was on fire, then everything started to get blurry. Woke up on the floor 20 or 25mins after. I had a blackout. This scared me and I went home and I rested. I am feeling better but as for that associate, I will just take them to court and not have them stress me out to the point I am collapsing.

Trying to stay focus on my weightloss has been difficult. Not eating a lot but when I do eat, I gain. I took an inventory of myself and I have to drink more water and start adding veggies to my diet. I refuse to give up on losing weight, so I am just going to continue my journey. I feel like I am moving backward but I have to push through and get through this hump.

I am not going to give up.

slim4ever slim4ever
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Don't you give up. You encourage me. I would have given up without you! I'm soooo sorry about all that's going on in your life right now, it's terrible. Stay strong, Sweet Lady :)