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I am not that old but I worry what my future of health holds for me. A doctor already told me I am at risk for heart disease. Scary stuff. I am 27 and I want to try to be around for awhile. I have spent my side of not wanting to live anymore. I'm done and over with that. Anyway, I need to lose some more weight and I will fell a little better. I have already started losing some weight. I feel better physically now than I have in a long while. I have alot more energy also. So I need to get a scale and see how much I have lost. The last time I checked I was 248. So wish me luck.
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31-35, F
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Not going to wish you luck! As you will lose if meant to be but cut out soda,drink water,eat more fruit/veg including salad only natural meat not processed except lean mince.Lastly reduce size of dinner plate and always eat breakfast bowl of slow release energy cereal best.

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