Doing The 90 Day Challenge!!!!

Last July I quit smoking and my husband excepted an internship for a year that kept him away from home.  He was too far to come back and fourth so not only was I lonely without him but I was craving my cigerettes and so I began to eat and eat and eat.  I was out of control and no one said a word to me about it.  When I was smoking cigerrettes it seemed to be easy for people to express their opinion.  I started to have aches and pains all over my body and I woke up one morining and relized that i could not go on like this anymore.  I had been asking people to hit the gym with me and it just never worked out so I messaged my husbands cousin.  He had bugged me about using a product that he was promoting from Visalus Science.  It was the Bodybyvi 90 Day Challenge.  At first I thought it was another weight loss scam but I was just desperate enough to try it.  I ordered the products and when I told my husband he was a little mean about the whole thing.  He is a wonderful person and he is my best friend but he said that why would I order these things and wast money if I wasn't going to follow it through!  That knocked the wind out of my sails considering that the cigerettes had been gone since July but he was right in away becasue I have never been able to stick to a lifestyle change for very long.  Well I started to lose weight and I was very shocked at how quickly the results happened!  So I decided to start promoting it.  Again my husband had an issue with that.  He said again that I was wasting my time in all this...yada yada yada......
Well to date since January I have lost 40lbs painlessly without going to the gym and my skeptical husband who is due home from his internship in 4 days is coming to promote this challenge with me and also do one himself!!!!   I love these shakes!! They taste like cake mix, they are affordable and if you get three friends to do this challenge you get them free!!!  There is over 1000 receipes and you never get hungry or bored!!!  I am thankful that Mark ( my husbands cousin) approached me with this.  As a promoter I am also making money as well as getting my products free.....I have helped alot of my friends lose weight and my other skinny friends gain lean muscle.  I have helped parents who have kids with adhd that cannot eat when they are on their meds. I have helped Seniors get energy back and I am now joined in a gym and I am going to do a challenge side by side with my husband and I am determined to lose 50lbs in the first 90 days and then another 50 in the next 90 days!!  I am so excited to do this!!! I have had my slips but I am thankful that these prodcuts are not unforgiving as some diest like the atkins diet where it throws you off for days!!!

I wish everyone luck on their journey to better health and weight loss and if you are interested in doing this challenge message me for details and I would love to get you started!!!!
Dianaboardman Dianaboardman
36-40, F
May 20, 2012