I Am Trying So Hard

Losing weight is like climbing Mt. Everest to me. I try so hard to lose weight. I run, I climb stairs, exercise and do everything in order to lose some of the fat. But after I lose some kilos, I gain it again so quickly that it seems I haven't done anything at all. I have even gone to diet but I can't stay hungry forever. I get so frustrated when all morning I run miles and exercise, and come home and look in the mirror, it is still the fat me! I just can't eat a bite of cake or crunch the potato chips. I think I gain weight even after eating fat less healthy food. I think I shouldn't eat anything at all but I could die if I do that. Sometimes I get so depressed by this. I even tried yoga but it was of no help.

I am so jealous of my friends who eat so much and still don't gain weight. They are always the same. I think it is also because of my height that I can't get thin. I am of small height and my stomach seems like I have eaten lots of food even if I haven't... And I am always cursing my height for everything!

I am trying so hard to lose weight and I am failing mostly. I feel really bad. :(
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Me to its become harder with age, I use to be able to lose easy. I would suggest you look in t the blood type diet.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will surely look into it :)

you know its really simpler, you eat foods are high in carbohydrates, most likely rice

Yeah that might be the reason but rice is such a common food here, I can't just get away with I have been eating from eternity.

carbohydrates like rice are turned into sugar in body , which in turn is made into fat . Solution is much less rice , more vegetables and plant protein on the dish . Sometimes one can loose weight by eating thin brown rice gruel , its the white polished variety of rice which makes blood pressure unstable and in turn makes your hungry . I switched to oats instead .

Thanks thats a really good idea. I am trying to eat lots of vegetables nowadays but they are so difficult to swallow ( i am a bad kid when it comes to vegetables).

Few days ago I was watching a program on MTV .
18yo boy was so overweight 142kg , after 120 days he was down to 89kg . I could hardly believe it , but hid sin was foods high in carbohydrates and lack of motion

Really? That is a terrific.

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