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I Just Hate Being At The Weight That I Am At!!

I suffer with being over weight, it sucks!! I also suffer from a condition that doesnt help it either. So being over weight is something that i have inherited through my family, and my sickness doesnt help it either. But i know i cant stay like this for ever.. and i know its not imposssible for me to loose some wait.. its just the motivation that i need.. well anyways im just looking for support on this and on many other things.. can anyone hear me out!!?? =]
14jlopezj 14jlopezj 16-17, F 5 Responses May 31, 2012

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You should use Easy Slim Tea it is most powerful fat burner. It contains natural herbs & green tea. it helps me a lot.<br />

is that The visalus diet? or is that a different diet?

Are these shakes like protein shakes or are they all natural?

Just thought I'd give you a heads up.. (Body By Vi is super expensive, and the shakes are gross... they taste like grass, even the chocolate).

I joined Visalus about 2 months ago It was great!! read my story if you have any questions let me know! see if this is right for you. not only do you reach you goal but you feel good and energized!!Good Luck!

In April, I joined the Visalus 90 Day CHallenge......I posted a story about my own weight issues.....check out the videos and see if its for you.....J.Thompson