I Just Hate Being At The Weight That I Am At!!

I suffer with being over weight, it sucks!! I also suffer from a condition that doesnt help it either. So being over weight is something that i have inherited through my family, and my sickness doesnt help it either. But i know i cant stay like this for ever.. and i know its not imposssible for me to loose some wait.. its just the motivation that i need.. well anyways im just looking for support on this and on many other things.. can anyone hear me out!!?? =]
14jlopezj 14jlopezj
18-21, F
5 Responses May 31, 2012

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is that The visalus diet? or is that a different diet?

Are these shakes like protein shakes or are they all natural?

Just thought I'd give you a heads up.. (Body By Vi is super expensive, and the shakes are gross... they taste like grass, even the chocolate).

I joined Visalus about 2 months ago It was great!! read my story if you have any questions let me know! http://jafar.myvi.net/challenge see if this is right for you. not only do you reach you goal but you feel good and energized!!Good Luck!

In April, I joined the Visalus 90 Day CHallenge......I posted a story about my own weight issues.....check out www.jonthompson.bodybyvi.com...watch the videos and see if its for you.....J.Thompson