I Want To Lose Weight! Any Advice

I would not perfer to say how much i weight because it's bad atm. I have a big event on the horizon. I don't get much support from my husband at all when it comes to dieting. I was talking with him today about somone we know who just had a baby and she lost all her weight within a few months and he was quick to remind me that it was only one month that ago and this was her second baby....yup must be nice! I am in a cruch to get it done for sure and am looking for any bit of advice I can get on how to loose the weight ASAP...I mean I am talking about 15lbs in less then four weeks I know it is a lot and I really do not want to here people saying that its not possible its not healthy I am looking for postive support only!!!

Thanks guys <3 -Britt
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I should also comment on my own personal weight-loss wars... I've spent the last 5 years losing weight. Some battles were lost, but so far, I'm winning the war.

At my max, I weighed 358 pounds!!!

Today, I weigh less than 215 pounds!

I have literally lost the weight of another person.

My goal is to reach 180 pounds.

I won't get into any real details of how I lost all my weight. But, I will cover the stuff you have to consider committing to prior to beginning your journey.Most of it is psychological. The other (25%?) is the physical work.

* First and foremost, you _MUST_ have a __strong reason__ to lose weight. For me, it was all the ladies that would take one look at me and say "disgusting." Now, I enjoy the attention of ladies smiling at me while I walk past them.

* That strong reason must be your motivator. You can never rely on someone else to do your work for you. Relying on someone else gives you the easy excuse for why you failed. Either commit to doing it... or, be happily fat.

* You must _want_ to lose that weight. This desire must reinforce your commitment to reach your goal.

* People abuse the word "diet..." Think instead: "Life style." It's your habit to eat certain foods at specific intervals of time. As a habit, you must commit to the new Life Style for as long as it takes to reach your goal. Then you modify your Life style to maintain that state of mind and body.

* Commit to a schedule that allows a minimum of 30 minutes exercise everyday. If your body fat is over 30%, then start with short walks. Walking in the pool is best. Two (2) hours of sweaty exercise is ideal for the human body. Walking and running are the best calorie burners. Swimming is even better as it minimizes damage to the knees and joints.I should point out that if you have rarely exercised on the daily basis, then you should start-out light and build up to the heavy/longer exercises.

* Experiment with yourself. There are a lot of diet books out there and (IMHO) they are all wrong. There are some truths hidden in those books. But I have found most to be saddly misinformed.Only you and your body would know the best way to lose weight.I took a _long_ time to learn the best methods and stragies to increase my metabolism and burn the excess storage.The human body is exceptionally adaptable! Give it a chance to show you just how adaptable it is!

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Britt, I am on a reset. Lost 10 lbs in 2.5 weeks but I'm eating lots everyday. Let me know if you want to know more about it. I can coach you as well if you want to do it.


I would love that!


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Thank you so much for all the great advice!!! I wil deffently use that and I really think that it is going to help!!!! I am so glad that there are people here who will support one another and not just bring others down. I am so excited to start this new weight lose journey!!!!!! I know it will be hard but I am not only doing it for me but for my four year old daughter as well so I feel like I have more energy to run and play with 185 right now I do not feel I am at my best and I want to be nothing but the best for her!!! Thank you so so so much and I will probably come to you for some extra motivation if that is ok :)

Check out the 90 Day Challenge at or visit to register for additional information. Good stuff!

Absolutely! It's always so much easier to do with a "buddy". Even having someone to talk to once the initial motivation diminishes (and it always does). If you're anything like me, we get on these "kicks" for a few weeks and then it's back to the way we were. I am bound and determined not to let that happen this time. Write me any time!

just eat less calories and burn more calories eat vegetables and fruits in the morning and afternoon, then hit the gym. Burn more calories than what you take in.

Oh! Gosh, I keep thinking of more stuff. Water! Water should be your best friend. Try and drink a big glass before and after every meal and between. It not only will supress your appetite, but it will flush out the toxins in your body and help you lose water weight. Also, brush your teeth before and after every meal. Food seems a lot less appealing when you have the taste of tooth paste in your mouth.

There..I'm done, I think.

I am in a similar situation, Britt! I'll go ahead and put tell you my weight, because I feel like the more I write it, the more motivation I have! LOL I know that may sound distorted, but hey if it works, why not? I am 140 lbs now..had a baby nearly three years ago, and somehow lost 20 lbs during those three years. However, now, I feel like I'm stuck. I have been wanting to lose weight for, basically my entire life, but I have never been able to stick to a routine in order to do it. I'll just say it, I'm lazy. I'm one of those people who will eat well and exercise for about a week or two, and just slip back into my old habits. I don't know if it's a lack of willpower, or if this stems from some childhood trauma or what. Of course, I am no psychologist, but I am desperate to figure out why I cannot fight my way through this. I guess I just hope that if I find the cause, I can fix it. Like you, I have an event that I would like to look my best for in about three weeks. Of course, I don't want to starve myself (I couldn't if I tried, LOL), but I would like to make as much progress as I possibly can by then.

So here is what I have figured out in the past couple of weeks..I HAVE to check myself when I start thinking, "Ehh there's no use, I'll never get there". This is something I tell myself anytime things start to get difficult. So, when I start to think this way, I begin to look at pictures in magazines or online of girls with "unreal" figures. Also, I recently put a scale in my kitchen. Even if I don't weigh myself, I see that scale and immediately think twice before I grab that bag of chips (carbs are my vice). Also, I told my husband that I don't care if I resist, complain, whine, or *****, he is in charge of getting my butt up off the couch to work out. While I am working out, I tell myself that I must push myself as hard as I possibly can (which started out as speed walking..and now I am slowly beginning to jog so don't injure yourself). If your husband isn't on board with this, you'll have to find it within yourself to do it, even just a few minutes a day makes a huge difference. If you have kids, try taking them to the park and climbing up the jungle jims with them. Doing the monkey bars is probably one of the best exercises I have ever done, LOL. You might get a few funny looks, but who cares? Soon, those people who were staring at you for beeing a goof ball will be the ones staring at how GREAT you look.

Another trick I've been using is to write on here instead of watching T.V. I've found that if I keep my hands busy, I don't feel the need to snack. Perhaps the biggest thing I have learned (and it works!) is to never EVER eat after 6 p.m. and eat a good, fiber-filled breakfast. If you're anything like me, I never used to eat breakfast because I was never hungry in the morning. However, now that I have cut myself off at an early time, and started working out, I LOVE breakfast. Try a banana and a little low-fat granola with strawberries, blueberries, and fresh basil. Basil is AMAZING with fruit. Once your body begins to get used to these changes, it actually starts to crave the things that are good for you. So there's my advice. I really wish you the best in your journey, and please write updates on how you're doing!

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