Damn Society! .i. Being Thin!!!!!!

Im beautifull with this pounds on! I am! Damn all those lies and fake women that we see these days on magazines and the tv and everywere! Damn all those poison and lies that take control of our vision of ourselfes, we dont like our pounds, we dont like our marcs, our teeth, our hair, our fsce our anything because we wamt to be like them! When they are fake, with tons of make up, photoshop, and we are so used to seeing this "thin" models and actresses that we dont even recognize anorexia (just when it is extreme) and that we admire ( erasing their bones is part of the photoshop) ill try to be thin but the good sexy curvy thin of the past! Marylin and all the alike! Gorgeus! With butts and real breasts! And with some pounds on that made their curves!
Grinly11 Grinly11
1 Response Jun 27, 2012

Its a good thing that you are not bothered about your size. I like the boldness and confidence too. No matter how you are, you can still look beautiful as long as you are taking good care of yourself. I strongly agree with you @silentcry1000.

Thank u! Good thing u agree! :D keep confident!