My weight really hasnt changed but I guess since I'm getting older my body image has.  SO my goal is get my tummy as flat as I can.  I started this morning by Jogging and then coming home and doing step aerobics.  If I continue I believe my tummy will be flat in a matter of a month

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Your working out is fantastic. The real problem about losing weight isn't that difficult. Diets don't work! It is what you eat. We are to eat every two hours, sounds crazy but it works.<br />
<br />
Eat more whole foods instead of man made snacks. First break at work I ate an apple instead of a banana nut muffin. second break was another apple and a banana. Third break was an orange. <br />
<br />
My third week, I was feeling better and my clothes were not so tight and fitting better. Everyone said that I would get sick of apples. Not yet, I love what they are doing for me.<br />
<br />
I've added pears and peaches for varity and now I've been doing this for five weeks. I dug out my old two piece swim suit and im fitting into it pretty good.<br />
<br />
I still eat my sweets but not as much. I'm looking forward to the end of another month. The weight that I lost is the tummy area, and that really is the only problem area for me. By the way, stay away from diet drinks. Artificial sweetners are not good for the body! They don't work, ever see a thin person drinking a Diet Coke?<br />
<br />
You might try this for four weeks as with your working out, you will be surprized! Your working out justs adds to your success. In ten hours I eat 5 times, all grown fruits and carrots. It works!!!

Good on you. It's inspiring to know someone elses story. I'll be rootn for ya.

Keep it up! I'd liek to share a suggestion, if I may. I recently started drinking something I call James Ray's Breakfast Shake. (I read about it in “Harmonic Wealth” by James Ray) There is actually a whole section on the physical body and he offers up some great ideas that have worked for me.<br />
<br />
One of those is starting off the day with a glass of water with lemon and then making my first meal a green shake. Yep, veggies for breakfast. Still doesn’t hit the spot like a pile of pancakes, but I’ve lost seven pounds in the last month and a half and my skin is looking a lot brighter and clearer. Good luck and God bless!<br />
a James Ray Fan

I'm 33 but I've lost weight a couple of times throughout my life and I notice my skin tone is not as firm. I really regret that because it makes me feel that I should have kept it off or kept it "on" but have more firmness. However, I think this is a great plan you have. I do sit ups and crunches and I was just thinking I need to add more exercises. I've started back using my pilates CD and trying to eat right and it's a struggle. So good luck you're on the right track. Exercise is really the only way to firm/tone the body.

well done keep up the good work you will have a perfectbody in no time......... you sound like me i want a perfect beach body for my holidays in a month .... im doing 250 situps a day how ever many crunches i can do after that and two jogs a day while also juggling my football career and football coaching in college.... i just can't seem to tone up the bottom of my stomache... but at the top i have formeda very nicely toned body and because of my football my legs are half decent and was wondering if anyone knew anyways to do tone up the bottom of the stomache .... well im only 16 but already my metablolism is catching up with me so i think i need 2 chnage my diet aswell but i despise fish and have a massive phoebia of them haha but they are really healthy so does anyone know any really good diets which don't involve fish

I am 5 foot tall, 65 but feel a lot younger. Work out twice a week at the gym and walk in the woods every day. Feel reasonably fit and weigh 100 pounds

I suggest getting P90X

Keep perserving i believe you can do it <br />
keep me posted i wanna noe if you succeed <br />
i also surgest doing sit ups they work alot

i am pushing 48 and i am not fat but i have a big tummy that i am trying to get rid of but dont know how i ride my bike and try to keep moving since i stop smoking my sex drive has went up 100% and i know once i lose the gut my sex life will go up by 200% can you give me a tip

I'm a personal trainer and I agree w/ joliver2 that you can not spot train. However, by working your core (your abs and back muscles), you will be stronger and will burn more calories in a workout, because your abs are the largest muscle group in the body. There are a lot of great videos designed to target your core, that will eventually tighten your stomach. Turbo Jam is one that looks like a lot of fun and pilates is always great for core strengthening. Keep it up... like anything that is worth it, it will be hard work, but you will see the results you want, if you just keep sweating! Good luck!

I applaude your determination. Just dont become a stick figure

keep it up. Hope u reach your goal.