I'm Not "normal"

Every person wants to lose weight. I absolutely hate my weight. I am 19 years old, about 5'6 and I weigh 174 pounds. Do I look like it? Sometimes. My problem areas are my thighs and my stomach. Everything issues is tolerable. I've been working out an dieting for over a year and havent lost a bit of weight.
It ****** me off when I see skinny little girls saying oh I need to lose weight blah blah blah.
Hollyvm92 Hollyvm92
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1 Response Jul 29, 2012

My measurements are very similar to yours, i had been hung up about my weight for such a long time. I also wonder if i look like i weigh as much as i do. Well last week i decided that while my boyfriend is away for 5 months i was going to do something about it, and joined slimming world. In my first week i lost 4lbs, and am hopefully well on my way to make my total weight last 7lbs this week. I had tried so many diets and never saw any results, or the results weren't as instant as id liked and i gave up. Hopefully i'll stick to this diet and reach my goal of 2 stone weight loss, although my unhelpful mother reckons i should go for 3. My sister is one of those skinny girls, who at 3 stones lighter than i am is constantly moaning about her weight. It does my head in. Anyhow, i wish you luck with anything you do and the most important thing is to make yourself happy x

I'm so happy for you! I need to find me a diet that will work and correspond with my body as well. But mostly, I need to stick to it! Thank you for commenting and giving me advice. Good luck to you! :)