Water Fasting Practice Run Complete !

okay , so today I pretty much ate nothing ( cause that's what a water fast is ) but drank water wenever I felt like it. Today was only a practice run beacause fasting is no joke and I want to know what I'm in for. It wasn't bad at all and tomorrow I'm starting the real thing.

One of the BIG obstacles though is sleeping on time and waking up on time ! If you don't well you can kiss your goal and dreams good bye. I learned this the hard way :/

Oh and btw, Im female , age15, 5.4" and weigh 144.5 lbs as of right now. ( I lost a few doing todays practice fast, score !)

Also I have no idea how long I want to do this for but mainly Im doing it for weight loss so as soon as I lose 24lbs and come back to 120lbs, I'll break the fast !

Now, with this you need to handle everything extra carefully. especially after you break the fast to make sure you don't gain everything back in a day. like start off by eating soft low acidic fruits and soup. and whatever you do don't touch junk food for atleast a month and even then only a bit at a time. As long as you eat healthy afterwords you won't gain it all back and you have nothing to worry about.

so I'll keep you guys updated everyday, if not more !
wish me luck !
snaxRbad snaxRbad
13-15, F
Aug 2, 2012