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So another one of my goals before the year 2013, is to try and get into excellent shape like I used to be. It used to be really hard for me to sit still. I was involved in everything active. From cross-country runner, to hip-hop dance choreographer, acting, step team, basketball, football, and many others. And being so active, it was pretty easy to stay in shape without even tryin... Simply because I was enjoying myself and didn't have to think of exercise as a "chore" that had to be done out of obligation like many of us do now...lol
Unfortunately, over the years I developed a ton of physical pain from head to toe that prohibits me from being as active as I would like to be. Getting out of bed is one of the toughest things that this body can do. Most of my pain now comes from my feet all day long. If I was to describe it, it would be like standing on your feet and walking a marathon for a week straight barefoot on gravel!! this has been the biggest adversity that I had to tackle head on. I've gone to several podiatrists and they can't seem to figure out what's wrong except for the fact that they say I have flat feet. I've even had one podiatrist tell me upon my next visit that there was nothing more they can do for me...they just can't figure out what's wrong!! whether it was because my insurance or not is another story, but it's painful to even stand for more than 5 min. without excruciating pain, and because of this I had to give up a ton of the hobbies and activities that I used to love… Specially the athletics and dancing.
But if you know me, then you also i'm not one to give up so easily...lol... I can't tell you how much pain  I go through every time I'm in the gym, I have to fight through it… And as explained earlier, this pain goes far beyond just aching muscles from weightlifting....lol... It tries to tear you apart!!! but once again, I have a goal and setting out to accomplish it!! I started back in June going to the gym exercising and dieting. I weighed 221 pounds with 19.4% body fat But around early August I ended up stopping my gym sessions because I simply could not handle the pain (not to mention the school work...lol). I was still dieting, and managed to lose over 20 pounds so far since then!! but lost nearly all of the muscle mass that I actually gained during my time at the gym and then some!! right now I weigh 201 pounds I'm really proud of that but my body fat has only gone down to 17.2%... This clearly indicates that diet alone is not enough for the body I want!! it also takes exercise!! I'm back at it again and I hope this time I can go all the way!! especially since I have just a few months left and I'm running out of time!!! December is right around the corner!! so wish me luck I'll be taking pictures here and there to demonstrate whatever changes were made and by next year hopefully how see something worthwhile... Might even put them up here on this website!! stay motivated people!! the hardest thing about losing weight and exercising is not the food or the gym sessions, But the Commitment!!!! stay with it no matter what... Stay focused... And break all mental barriers...bc they WILL be there!! and if anyone needs any advice or has any questions about their own weight loss goals, feel free to hit me up!! I'm not an expert, but I have done a lot of research on the topic and hopefully I can help you too, or we can help each other!! stay with it!!
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Well I am going to take your word for it, I have downloaded the app and we shall see... Thanks for the advice