She passed away in February. I cared for her all around care for 18 months. Gained 30 pounds. Cannot get motivated. I used to walk every day. Thank you for any advise that you may have.
lynnevans lynnevans
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

It's time to take better care of yourself and your own health now.<br />
I am not a health care professional by any stretch of the imagination, but you are at an age when a lot of people begin to experience the onset of health problems that happen as you get older, especially problems caused or aggravated by weight gain. <br />
I was also primarily responsible for caring for an elderly parent in their final stages of life, and I know it can be brutally exhausting. <br />
You may have gained the weight as a result of eating when you could, eating too many of the wrong things at the wrong time, or you ate out of reaction to stressful situations.<br />
Start walking again, and set realistic goals for your weight loss as you expand the range of physical/exercise activities that you take part in.<br />
After the hard work involved in caring for your mom, you deserve to enjoy many years of life without the potential health problems that extra weight can cause. Best of luck to you!