I Have My Mom's Body

Short summary: 35, 2 kids, and 50 lbs overweight. I know my weakness. I'm a stress eater who loves chocolate but...I despise my lack of neck. I used to have a neck but with weight gain, it was been replaced with an extta chin. Maybe admitting all this online will give me the kick start I need.
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You can do it!

Sad thoughts are just reminders that we are humans with feelings. Just think about what made you smile when you were a kid. As adults, we forget that the little things are fun. Get a coloring book, write a poem, mold some play dough. Also rrainfall, don't deprive yourself but perhaps think of tasty substitutes. Did you know that you can bake a cake with only a box of cake mix and club soda? It's delicious and doesn't add as much to your waistline. Take care and stay uplifted.

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I am just like you. I have watched my family and their battle with obesity and now I am there too. I was always the skinny one and in the past five years, I have ballooned up. A little here and a little there until now I would consider myself to be 50 - 70 pounds overweight. I would be happy with losing 50 pounds right now. I want to be skinnier, but not too thin. I too look in the mirror and see my Mom and my Sister now. I look back at the women in my family and it is all the same. Big breasts (sounds sexy until you add the other two), big butt and big belly. The three B's. I don't even wear necklaces anymore because of the whole double chin and loss of the neck. I hate that! God, and let me tell you about the fat rolls on the back. Rediculous! I have sweat so much more this summer than I ever have. I feel gross and unappealing all the time. The thing is I feel powerless to lose the weight. I have tried and failed and even hurt myself while exercising. I don't have many things in my life to personally enjoy. I never get to travel. I don't get to do fun things or even shot for myself. I don't have money. Basically, the only enjoyment I have is food. I indulge in whatever food I damn well please because I feel like I am deprived of everything else.

Thanks for replying. If I think if any motivational tips that I would believe, I'll tell you.

Exactly, I read a post in "I Battle Depression" and someone said that depression is completely curable. Well, I have been to doctors and been on different medication for over five years and I have yet to be cured.