Master Cleanse Day 1/21

I've decided to do the master cleanse for 21 days. Not solely for weight loss purposes, though that did put tip the scale when I was determining the good and bad of partaking in such tedious eating rituals. In October I turn 20, and for my 20th birthday I'm giving myself a new me. I'm treating this cleanse more like a spiritual fast. To help me get more in tune with my spirituality and repair my relationship with God.

I thought it would be a good idea to log my progress to keep myself motivated and I can see the things I do wrong and fix them.

Day one:
I believe this is going to be the most difficult day of them all. Not only is it my first day without eating, I have to spend all day at work surrounded by food then I leave work to go to my nephew's birthday dinner at Red Lobster. Everyone's telling me, why didn't you start on a different date "blah, blah, blah" but I planned this out perfectly to coincide with my birthday and not to mention if I put it off I know I won't do it unless there is someone nagging at me... We'll see how it goes.
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Just what does your master cleanse day 1 consist of? Surely your are taking in something. Just curious because I need to something like this too! <br />
<br />
Good Luck! I will be watching for your progress.

The first day is like all the days, the only thing you're allowed to consume is the lemonade, a salt solution and laxatea. If you want to do it you can google master cleanse and the 3rd link from the bottom I believe has the recipe and a lot of helpful information the website is called master cleanse secrets, I believe. If you have any questions though, feel free to ask me I've researched this for a while so I know a great deal about it.

Thank you! I will look into it.