Love My Reflection Again.

I lost 35 lbs since mid may. I am wearing really cute booty shorts right now with a tank top and I look great. I don't look huge in pictures anymore and it does not hurt to look in the mirror anymore either! I did it all without drugs. I combined diet, excercise and patience and got results. Weight Watchers points plus really works. Not an endorsement. Just sayin. I am extremely proud of myself! I used to avoid mirrors, now I honestly love my reflection again.
girlwithexperience girlwithexperience
31-35, F
3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Sweet job, I lost about 36 since Jan using P90X, walking, biking like a mad-man, hiking, and basically all around good health and good eating.

Nothing tastes as good as being fit.

yay! im happy for you :) I have been wanting to join weight watchers for a while now. Did you join online or go to meetings?

Good for you, sounds like you did it in a way that will help keep the weight off.