Battle With Weight Loss

Over the past 7 years my weight has been all over due to depression and life events that have taken place to the point that i went from being a mear 184 lbs to being anywhere from 200-302 and i dont like it.. Currently i'm at my lowest weight being 269.4lbs and that is 20 months after my youngest child was born.. Hopefully with my goal to loose 80 more lbs and being in a new relationship with someone who loves and supports me the way my man does will give me that drive i've been lacking to lose the remaining 80 lbs i need to get back down to my goal weight.
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

I would love to share my challenge with you if i can do this at 40 you certainly can email me if you want some info i will send you some info and if you think this is something you would like to try then Great my team will welcome you and help you achieve those goals 90 days at a time and if not i would love to remain friends and help support you in anyway i can.

Try this 90 days challenge on losing weight call body by vi. Check it out

i can't financially afford it right now as a friend of mine does it