In Need Of Motivation

I use to walk 3 miles everyday I lost 40 pounds by just walking I've since gain it all back and more the stresses in life pulled me down I don't have a support system I've reached out to people but seems I'm the only fat person and no one else is intrested in losing weight makes me sad and eat
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31-35, F
3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

when you do one specific form of exercise your body gets use to it and stops giving you the results you want you have to change it up maybe a light jog some swimming power walks switch it up a bit i do all of the above and use "burn" its buzzing around more so now than last year my co workers wouldn't shut up about it so i eventually went to the site ready to return it lol but it turned out pretty well im on my 3rd month using it my dad uses it as well the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes lol check it out maybe it can help you out some its kinda cool and consistent. good luck!

Try spark people.

Try spark people.

What is spark people

It's a website where others encourage and support each other in their weight loss effects. It has lots of tools to help you. Food trackers, weight trackers, exercise videos, articles, forums and groups to join. People make pages, like a diary showing their success. It's very good and FREE!!!!!