I Know, I Know... Every Girl Says That..

And.... so do i. :-P

I have some meat on my bones... a little fat here and there... I just feel like toning up a bit will make me feel better about myself. Im just a teensy bit out of my weight range and i can tell.

Sometimes its just nice to feel good about yourself right?
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2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Think you should concentrate on toning,cycling,swimming are good for all muscle toning but cut out processed and sugary things will help too,you need to think in terms of life-style change not diet.

I didn't say diet I said "Lifestyle change"

Yeah I am the same! I can't wait 2 loose some weight but too many people r telling me I don't need 2 it! But I totally feel I need 2 it's not good!!x do wot u feel you need 2 do and if u tone up u may feel so much more happy x