i have never been thin, since i was a child i have always been big and the fact that i'm so tall doesn't help much either i feel bad because my mom is small and thin she has been all her life, so have most of my family, when i was younger i used to think i was adopted because i don't look like anyone on my mom's side of the family i don't  know anyone on my dad's side so... i have excersiced but i can't do it by my self and i have never reseved much support from my mother on this aspect i start excercise programs but i only do then a short time i feel trapped inside my own body, my weakness i feel frustrated i wish i was braver, i wish i could stop doing so much harm to my self, i have never even had a boyfriend i wasn't much interested in that untill sometime ago but now i meet a guy who i adore but i know he could never feel for me something even similar to what i do for him, and i hate it i wish i could lose weight so i could be more confident in my self, to have a better life, to be able to be loved, to be healthier, i just want to be freed  from this trap i created my self. 

mexprizoner mexprizoner
Jul 9, 2008