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I Am Plus Size!

So my pictures don't show it,because of how i carry my weight,but i am considered plus.I won't tell u all how much i weight,but it's more than i ever have in my life!I'm kinda pissed for letting this happen,but i believe this is why.In the last 4 yrs ,my life went down hill.I had a baby,got really bad post partum depression,ended up being diagnosed Bipolar.Hospitalized twice.Then when he was 12 weeks old ,i was pregnant again!I lost my job,all my income!We were making 7 k a month,we were now down 35 k a year.So ,found out my daughter 16 at the time was raped by my friend,trial ect...stress!!!Then i lost my house,and my son was diagnosed with autism.So needless to say,i starting drinking to cope.This is why,i gained weight.I'm getting back on track,i am exercising ,cut calories,all that,i believe ,it is a choice,if i'
m not happy ,I need to get off my *** and do something about it!
1prettygirl 1prettygirl 36-40, F 14 Responses Oct 2, 2012

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heres something that has worked for us. weve lost 95 lbs together in 68 days. We workout two days a week (because thats all we really have time for) but try it. do the challenge you wont regret it plus you get your money back if it dont work

You are absolutely right, if you’re not happy with the way things are now, it’s up to you to make the changes. I salute you for taking charge and doing something about your weight issues. Since you started your weight loss journey, how do you feel? You can be your own cheerleader while losing weight….the pounds you lose along the way on your journey will give you a boost to keep going until you reach your desired weight. You can do it!!!

I have been struggling to lose weight for a long time. I have tried all different diets including Weigh Watchers. After years of frustration and my weight going up and down like a yo yo my good friend introduced me to her product and it has changed my life. It is an ALL NATURAL product (everything in it has been around for 100's of years) and I lost 3 lbs in 5 days! My energy level is way up and my cravings for food are down, big time. If you want to find out more message me

I will help you with your journey while getting in the best shape of your life, one day at a time,free of charge..
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helping the universe get healthier one human at a time...
Let's go life is too short..
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I am new to this, but I would love to let you know how I loss over 50 pounds and the weight is staying off.

Hi my name is Kyle. Im 31 and currently in the US Army. I have a long list of traumatic experiences that i could share with you later on but this is not about me, this is about you! I can help you and I am not a scammer or spammer. I am a real person, call or email me, just ask. I am also a coach for beach body. I can also give you my web site if you just want to check it out. I can tell you and help you lose weight, motivate you, and help you earn extra and more income, just ask me when you are ready. Right now I just think you need a friend and Im here to tell you that I am here. i am here to tell you that you are beautiful. Not to be too religious about it unless you are but all gods creations are beautiful and I see that in you and your words. I'm not going to ask you any questions on here but better yet I think we should talk in private if that better suits you. Just as long as your comfortable. I hope that we can connect. Thank you 1prettygirl and God Bless

thank u

Body By Vi has changed my life i have lost over 80lbs now and continue to lose on just 2 shakes a day and they are delicious as well if there is anyone who wants to commit and give me 90 days i will help you get results; this is what Team Green is dedicated to we provide recipes, hints, tips and motivation to our team and people on and off the 90 day challenge as well. Just let me know when you want to make changes we all have our why and that is what motivates us to start something to get results. Send friend request and lets chat. No obligation but it does not hurt to get the info and decide for yourself if this is worth 90 days to you?

Im a plus size to,we have been fighting mortgage fraud trying to save the house,and my brother passed away in 2010 2 days before his birtday and xmas,I lost weight and gained it back,I need a support Buddy to lose weight with...

Oh,i didn't metion,we lost our house,but it's ok,i like where i live now.I'm sorry for your lose of your brother.How did u lose it the first time?

You can do it da same also a plus size nd its so hard to loose da weight...good luckto u.....;)

I know i can ,i'm always hungry though!!!!

That happends to me.......i wish there was a good diet that work...nd of course....that it wasnt so hard......

there is a good diet which i have seen with my own eyes and used working for a plus size people, if interested contact me on 079318426131 it worked for me n my friend in 3wks its so effective give it a try.

Have you heard of the 90 day challenge? This is what i am using to get the nutrition i need the tastes i love and the energy and weight my body should have if you want to know more i am always happy to share info and let others decide if this could help them.

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You know it is a lot about how you carry yourself. I read somewhere recently that the average plus size model is a size 8! Yep!!!! a size 8 while the average woman in the USA is a size 14 with just over 1/2 of American women wearing a size 14 or over. Under these guidelines I certainly qualify as a "plus size" model. You are beautiful so no worries.

I'm a ten,i want to lose weight for me to feel better,my husband doesn't care,a 14 hmmm interesting

if u want to feel better loosing weight let me know i have a solution 4 07931842613 when interested thanx.

The important thing is that you try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Get some exercise, watch the alcohol and food intake and be aware of your BMI (body-mass index). Nobody is perfect. I exercise a lot, but I f'ing love all-you-can-eat buffets and smoking the occasional cigar, so I try to balance my unhealthy habits, buffets and cigar smoking, with healthy habits, exercising. I don't always succeed but I try!

Good luck, and I agree with the others, you still look great. ;)

yup ,i agree:)