It Hasn't Been Overnight...

 I have battled with being overweight for most of my life. In high school, though, my body was as close to 'perfect' as it ever had been. Though, even then, I found fault with it. Mental scars left behind from less than kind peers. High school was different, though. As a result of being in marching band or on the flag team, I was ALWAYS moving, it seemed. 

With graduation, that all changed. My level of activity changed, but my eating habits did not. I could no longer eat everything that I wanted and still remain thin. 

Add to that... giving birth to three children and a history of emotional eating that was instilled in me at a young age... I've developed a body that I'm less than proud of. 

I've tried to lose the weight many times, but any success that I may have had didn't last for long. It probably doesn't help the picture that is my current body is deeply ingrained in my mind... 

I want to regain my 'other body' and keep it.


36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 12, 2008

I started the 24 day challenge and im down 15 lbs in 18 days. I feel amazing! If you would like to try the challenge the website it

Or if you would like to see healthy recipes and my progress as well as my friends my page on facebook is " Aprils weight loss solutions". :)

Hi asIAM,<br />
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I understand how you feel because I was 240lbs 45 year old obese person and I have lost 62lbs from May to December 2009 safely and without the yoyo affect. I am maintaning my weight at 179 - 180lbs. <br />
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If you are serious about regaining your desired shape and size we can help you and support you every step of the way. <br />
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As a Silhouette Designer I am helping adults and children across America with this problem and the problem is not entirely our fault. Most of the blame goes to the companies that produce our food.<br />
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If you are serious about changing your size and shape I have a safe and effective way to regain your desired Silhouette size and shape please message me. <br />
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So, like I said, if you are serious we can help. <br />
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Please message me when you are ready to start your journey.<br />
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Thank you,<br />
America's Silhoutte Team

I truly feel for you. I have also battled weight all my life. I am 33yrs old and feel I finally have a little better, clearer image on what to do about it though. I discovered I have a serious problem (not just being overweight) I am a compulsive overeater. I went to OA. It saved my life.