I Just Gained Back The 10lbs I Lost In The Past 2 Months.

I can't keep this yo yo dieting up. I'm going to eat right. I have to cut out the sugar. Damn this is so frustrating.
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I would love to share my challenge with you i am a 40 year old nana and dropped over 80lbs with this and i do not diet but i have changed my lifestyle moneymom72@gmail.com if you want info, There is no obligation if you like what you see Great if not you have a new friend and supporter.

are you sure your not gaining muscle? a lot of the time when we lose weight the muscles we broke down to lose the weight build back up making it appear as if we gained weight again. i learned that through this website its the "burn" product that explains what happens check it out www.bdd.zvinternational.com ive been using it thanks to some of my co workers 3 months ago i just got my mother hooked on it as well take a gander see if its down your ally=) best of luck to ya

Hey guys there are alternative methods, I have taken 22 lbs off in the last month.
So far still dropping and not gaining.
Loving life again, now to get that other 50 lbs off.

What's you're secret?

thanks guys I appreciate that

thanks guys I appreciate that

I found eating to much pasta and bread can make you gain weight fast,im trying to not eat this,only veg and fruit and chicken,tuna,fish,I know its hard to lose?