Wanna Get 6 Pac, Im 6ft Nd 75 Kgs

Howww much weight wud i have 2 Lose 2 Get a Six pac? im 17, 6ft, 75 kilos, Buff But have stomach fat, I eat extremly healthy, lots of protien food, im neva full, Walk 14km's a Day, Drinks 4 Litres of water a day, Do ALOT of weights, Situps, Crunches, Chinups, Pushups etc.......Wat am i doing wrong? wat else shud i b doing? am i eating the wrong foods? (water cookd Eggs, Unsaltd Peanuts, Wholemeal multigrain Bread, Protein powder, regular milk, Fruit, Vegies, Chicken, Beef, Steamd Susages is mainly wat i eat everyday)

Gav17 Gav17
2 Responses Jul 18, 2008

Hi Gav17,<br />
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Dieting is not the answer!<br />
Dieting will slow down your metabolism and you will feel hungry all of the time.<br />
It sounds like you are doing the right thing by eating protien to activate your metabloism. I think the problem is that your foo is not properly calibrated. Eating the wrong proportion balance of protien will not help your body.<br />
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Messeage me if you want to learn more.<br />
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Thank you,<br />
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