I Guarantee This Will Work

Ever heard of the raw food diet? To some people it is actually a life style. If you eat 100% raw vegan diet, you WILL lose weight quick and in a healthy way. You will also live WAY longer. Alot of people have cured illnesses,disease and cancer with the raw food diet. Google it you will be amazed. try www.shazzie.com and read her experience and before and after pics...etc..

Good Luck!

SiSeulement SiSeulement
2 Responses Jul 18, 2008

Hi SiSeulement,<br />
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Great news!<br />
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How do you balance your diet with your bodies need for protien?

You know, it's things like this that make me believe even stronger than there is a goddess or a god or a something that is a webspinner and that weaves each of our lives together in a very subtle way. I've been thinking about becoming raw for a while now -- the link you gave is really starting to make me think about it to a serious level. Thank you. :)<br />
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Oh, and I say go for it! If it's something you want to do, don't let anything stop you!