Here's a Puzzle For Ya...

I puke every day. Not because I want to--I'm not bulemic or anorexic...I just can't keep anything down. If it's not coming up, it's...well, the other end,  you know. I've had every medication there is, even tincture of opium (hey, IDK, they said it would make it stop...and no, it didn't get me

And still I hover at the same weight. Hasn't changed more than 3 pounds either way since last November when this started. Prior to that, I'd lost 50 pounds. You know that song...something about being 'so close, yet so far away...' Yep, that's me. If I could DO anything without puking...maybe it would make a difference. You'd think pretty much not eating for 8 months would do the trick, though, eh?

I know what you're thinking...get off my arse right? Ok, play along and imagine this for a minute: YOu get out of bed, slowly though, because every muscle is tight as beep...and hope you make it to the bathroom before you puke your guts out. You check the clock on your way back to bed--3 am. Awesome! 3 hours of sleep in a row! And then you lie there for an hour trying to get back to sleep--wake up at 7 to puke again, try to go back to sleep...can't because kids wake up...cook kids breakfast...puke (not in their food, lol)...sit. puke. repeat.

Do that every day for about 8 months (even with a decent afternoon it's still horrible) and see if you have the energy to 'workout'...or even wipe your butt.



Check out the intracranial hypertension story for more on that one.

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2 Responses Jul 21, 2008

Nope. They did do a shot of Phenergan...which hurts like beep.

No shots in the butt of Gravol? Lol.