How To Lose All Over?

I am 5'3", 138lbs, size 7, athletic/muscular body, small waist, little bit of a belly, carry most of my weight in my legs and butt. When I work out I begin to lose in the places I like. How do I lose the weight all over? I do cardio and light weights but I don't loose I get more tone and end up weighing more. I am aware muscle weighs more than fat.  I would like to be around 125lbs. Any suggestions? :-) 
WPeace WPeace
36-40, F
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You sound like a hard-body to me! ;-)

I don't want to be a hard body. I like soft tone curves! lol :-)

Hmmmm come to think of it, so do I! ;-) lol

Yes, I don't think you want to feel on something that feels like a hard man! lol

NO! Otherwise I would be in the "I am a Bi-Curious Man" group. Ewww! lol

LMAO!!!! your funny!!!!!! :-0

Hey, you're not totally unhumorous yourself! Thanks for the laughs...


And don't LMAO too hard, or that will get overly toned as well! ;-)

I wish, I would laugh all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now I am LMAO myself!


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Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

You said it yourself: building an toning muscle will ADD weight. Unless your health is an issue here, I don't think you should worry too much about the number on the scale; it sounds like you are pretty fit (and height/build/weight appropriate).

Thank you, maybe I will just keep walking/jogging and no weights. Just do longer distances.