Years Of Battling The Buldge

I am 43 yrs. old. I have three children, 24, 19, and 15 years old. I was always a chunky kid since high school. I've lost weight and gained it back from time to time. I am at the point in my life where i desperately need and want to lose weight. I really need to be more active in my 15 yr. olds life. I currently weigh 320 lbs. I have a condition with my right leg that is venous insufficiency. My swelling in this leg never goes away. I was told that my heart does not carry my blood back up at the proper speed and this causes the blood to pool in my lower leg esp. my ankle area. I wear support hose and it keeps it down some. It's always down quite a bit when I first wake up in the morning, but i work in a nursing home passing meds so I'm on it most of the day. I also have sleep apnea and sleep on a Bi-pap machine at night and that helps me a lot. Without it i can't sleep at night. I'm not rich by any means and live pay check to paycheck so all those programs with meals you have to buy is out the question. I know i don't eat the proper foods at all. I just don't know how to change. I really need help. I also drink too much soda pop, esp. pepsi. It's like I'm addicted to it. I don't really eat a whole lot I just eat the wrong food. I always eat fried food because it taste better. i need to learn how to eat differently. I really need help and advice from any one who can help. I don't exercise much because I'm on my feet so much at work. I feel if i lose this weight my heart will get better and maybe my leg too. I stay depressed about my leg and I don't go many places. In the summer (the last 2) I don't wear shorts because I don't want people to see my leg. I want to wear shorts and I want to swim. I want my life back. Walking is hard because I get short of breathe and my back and side start to hurt. What can I do???????????
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Have you heard of Shakeology? It is a meal replacement shake.