50 Lbs

I want to lose 50 pounds. Everyone says that I look fine how I am, but that's mostly because I'm tall and most of my weight is distributed pretty well throughout my body.. but I'm not happy with my body.

I want to be thinner. I want to get fit. I don't expect to be stick thin. & honestly, I don't want to be that thin because I like my curves. I'm a thick girl, have been most of my life.

I just need some motivation.. or a trainer of some sort. Someone that will push me to exercise, to excel, and to push myself. To help me make a plan for eating and exercising. That sounds like a lot.. I know :/

I have done it before but right now I'm at a standstill and I don't know what to do to with myself.

Every morning I tell myself that when I go home I will go out for a 30 minute walk, just to start.. but it never happens. & if I ever do make that step out the door, I'm afraid I won't keep it up.

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I know how you feel I am in the same boat as you..and I live in Michigan...so Every single winter, like now, I tell myself next summer Im going to work my A** off...but it never really happens...I used to have a friend that I worked out with and I lost 20 pounds in a couple months with her...but...well..that ended...I need to find someone to work out with...Good luck!

Exactly! That's the same boat I'm stuck on :/ .. Maybe we could push each other thru here ... But that's a lot harder than having someone there tho. Thank you :D & good luck to you too !

Ill give ya a little push "YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!" : D
now its your turn ^_^

"You've got what it takes... but it's going to take everything you've got!" ;)

wow that was a good one...I totally want to go work out right now! ^_^

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