I Feel Fat All The Time

I hate my body, I hate how i look, I wish I was skinny. I weigh 114lbs I'm trying to lose atleast 6 or 7lbs bc i gained 8lbs since I moved to WV.

I have always hated my stomach, I cant fit into jeans my size anymore. The past 2yrs or so i wanted to purge so badly but never did, chickened out everytime, I didn't want anyone to hear me do it or see me. I try to work out but i never stick with it, do it for a couple days but then i lose interest in doing it.

When I did weigh 108lbs I wanted to try to get myself to weigh 100lbs just for the heck of it, I could do it, I guess....I never really tried my hardest to actually get to that point. Nobody wanted me to do that, I was hardly eating at that point anyway I wouldn't eat much at all. Usually not in front of any guy or anybody new, I was just nervous. Well still trying...to lose weight have to keep my options open. There's just differents ways to do it....I'm still searching, whatever is the best way for me! :-)
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

You are skinny.

The problem is in your head not body. Maybe think about finding a good therapist

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I dont wanna build muscle....idc that my arms have no muscle in them or that my legs look like sticks