Amazing Success!

I wish to be anonymous.
I was almost 70kg and heading into highschool I was worried as I have recieved bullying in the past. I tried lots of things. But in the end I just mad up my own! and guess what? I lost 4.5kg in three weeks!!
The way I did it was..
Allow myself two yummy things that I was aloud the have whenever I wanted. Then I changed my lunch from rice snack and uncle toby musli bars and fruit juice and bread to: two pieces of fruit, K - time bars, tuna, and some vegetables. I know it sound a bit boring but really once you get into it its yummy and addictive! For brekkie I just had a "slimshake" very yummy.
And for dinner I would make tuna salads!! I hope someone succeeds on this diet as have I. Good luck!! PS: i didnt have cheese (well only sometimes!) no sugary drinks, and tried to keep away from any bread. The two treats that I allowed myself anytime were: "zooper doopers" (sugary flavoured ice - block) and hot chocolate. (whcih I shared with my mum every night.) GOOD LUCK1 I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!! :)
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Dec 3, 2012