My Road To A Healthier Fit Me With Body By Vi

I have had two childern and gained 85 lbs that never came off. I started dieting, exercising, and doing what I could, but nothing seemed to get me over that 5 lbs here and there hump. A good friend of mine told me about Body By Vi, I started it last April, and have since lost 50 lbs, gained muscle and become healthier inside and out. I loved and believe in this product so much I became a promoter. Now I not only continue to lose weight and get health, I am earning an income and helping others! Its the second most rewarding thing Ive done, motherhood the first of course lol.

I woud love to help or talk to anyone who has questions or is struggling with their current diet. please feel free to shoot me a personal e-mail at or reply on here.

God Bless. Morgan
moecunn moecunn
Dec 3, 2012