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I've struggled with my weight since I was 14, I am now 25. In the past 11 years I have been 135 lbs, 220 lbs and everywhere in between. Some people lose 50+ pounds and find it to be one of their lifes greatest goals, but I've done it over and over. I believe I have the worst metabolism ever. In order for me to stay thin, I can only eat once a day and I have to stay active. I recently quit drinking alcohol, which in turn caused me to replace that habit with the habit of eating. I gained about 15 pounds and am now working on my eating habits and exercise routine.
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It doesnt matter if your 100lbs or 300lbs your beautiful and perfect the way you are. I have struggled my whole life with weight and more recenlty drinking but it was the idea of self worth that helped me lose weight and keep it off. You have to do it for you because you love yourself enough not for anyone else, its the only way it sticks and stays so when you look in the mirror be kinder to yourself and when you find your inner worth the rest just seems to fall in place.

I have been struggling to lose weight for a long time. I have tried all different diets including Weigh Watchers. After years of frustration and my weight going up and down like a yo yo my good friend introduced me to her product and it has changed my life. It is an ALL NATURAL product (everything in it has been around for 100's of years) and I lost 3 lbs in 5 days! My energy level is way up and my cravings for food are down, big time. If you want to find out more

10 Fast Weight Lost Diets Tips
1. Replace Sports Drinks after Exercise – Drink“electrolyte” water to receive the same benefits you would from a sugary sports drink—without the added sugar.
2. Water First – Drink a large glass of water 10 minutes before meals.
3. Sleight of Hand – Trick your mind. Use smaller plates when you eat and you will be reducing portion sizes and calories.
4. Slow Down – Eat slower. Put your fork down in between bites.
5. Chew Well – Digestion starts in the mouth, and if you don’‘t fully digest your food, you miss out on some of the nutritional value.
6. Leave Behind the Multitasking – When it’‘s time to eat, sit at the table and eat. You will eat less if you concentrate your energy on eating slowly and purposefully.
7. Not So Fast – After you eat, wait at least 10 minutes before thinking about second helpings. Routinely waiting 10 minutes will help you differentiate between not hungry and full.
8. Closed for the Night – Close the kitchen early so that you aren’‘t tempted to snack in the evenings.
9. Treats and Cheats – When the urge strikes to cheat and nothing else will do, make your cheat-treat from scratch.
10. Healthy Cheats – According to Dr. Andrew Weil, plain dark chocolate, used sparingly is the only healthy sweet.
This is an article I saw it at to help some one who want to lose weight effective and safe.
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