I Found My Solution To Weightloss!!!

I was an overweight nursing student by roughly 25lbs. I also had alot of stomach problems, headaches, and was constantly exhausted all the time. Itried everything from working out and dieting to loose my weight. It seemed impossible =(. Then, I saw my best friend loose 15lbs in 15 days and her husband loose 30lbs on the 24 day challenge. I started the 24 day challenge on Monday 11/26/12 .I feel happy, my energy levels have drastically increased, my stomach has not bothered me since I started it, and Ive lost a total of 6lbs in just 7 days. Though I am still considered overweight, I still have 17 days left of the challenge and feel like my desired weight achievable with this 24 day challenge. Where do you see yourself 7 days from now? Message me if you are interested to know what helped me =D
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Would you mind sending me a message with your link so I have it? I want to look at it more closely after the holidays. Thanks.

Can you give a link to this challenge?

Yes I can =D This is my website where you can buy it and look at everything about it https://www.advocare.com/121117270/Store/ItemDetail.aspx?itemCode=99050&id=A&flavor=b
If you are interested let me know, ill direct you to my other website thats shows my progress and my weightloss so far =D The 24 day challenge is really worth it.

Well, I started this products called advocare 24 day challenge. Here is my website about my journey www.advocruces.com and here is where you can look at the different things they have to help people loose weight or build muscle, or just be healthy https://www.advocare.com/121117270/default.aspx. I honostly found myself going into a depression with all the weightgain, but now, my energy is out the roof, i am able to sit down and focus on school, i have not had any stomach problems or headaches since I started it. Im happy and if feels good to know that I finally found a soultion to my weight problem.

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So how did you loose weight?I'm trying to loose weight myself but it takes so long. I'm looking for a partner to go exercising with.What do you think I should do? I have no partner yet to exercise with me.I can't find a website yet to look for maybe someone to date me to exercise or something in that category?Message me need ideas.