I Don't Like This Version Of Me..

I know losing weight to look good isn't the best reason, but I don't like the way I look right now. I'm so used to being in a great shape, so I can't say I really like this gross, new look for me. I don't feel right.. Thing is, I don't work out anymore, because I just get angry--Another story..Diets are hell. I can't find anything else to do, so I'm just sitting homw, bored surrounded by food. Haha. Excuses, excuses, I guess..Lol. Can't I just make a wish, then look like I did before?? Haha. Anyway, 'till then, I guess I'm just going to have to exercise no matter how I feel about it.. Ugh.
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4 Responses Dec 18, 2012

No more ice cream for you. Lol :)

Aaww man!! Lol.

Same problem haha

Sucks, right??

I have done lots of reading on diet, and I have lost weight myself. Fat comes from starchy carbs and simple carbs. A really good book to check out is Why We Get Fat. Anyhow, want to lose weight dont eat any of the fake foods, stick to meat and veg, no breads, rice, even potatoes are useless.

Can relate 100%. Just find what activity you enjoy most. Go on hikes, running, swimming, climb trees...whatever it might be. I'm trying some martial arts type of things, they keep my mind active at the same time so I'm not bored.

Great ideas..It's just hard to find someone that would go hiking with me or something..I've tried just about everything I can afford, but it's hard to stick with it..I've always wanted to do martial arts, but I am so broke right now..Haha. What sorts of martial arts are you in??

Yeah, I'm broke too. I just download yoga and kenpo workout videos from torrent sites. P90X is fun! Hard stuff, but you'll definitely get a workout lol. And I go hiking alone or with my dog. Just try to focus on the walk, the beauty of nature, and not that fact that it's part of a routine. Running through the woods, jumping over logs and weaving through trees is always great too (:

Thanks for the advice :)