I really really would like to loose weight again. In 2009 I lost 90 lbs. and I really want to do it again, but I have no motivation to get off my butt. I also have depression which makes motivation hard to come by. It seemed so easy before, only cause I was exercising but I wasn't looking at it like exercising. I was going through a divorce so my very best friend would come over n say let's go for a walk. We would get to talk and I could vent things out and he would always make me laugh. I didn't even realize for awhile that we were walking pretty much everyday. When I realized I had lost 25 lbs I started eating differently and I quit drinking soda pops. Boy the weight really dropped then. All in all, I lost 90 lbs in about 10 months. At the time I felt like a whole different person. I looked totally different, my divorce was final. I felt absolutely great. The unfortunate part is that the person that I'm with now had always known me as a big girl, and actually prefers me bigger. So he sabotaged me. Yes I absolutely blame it on him, LOL. He had his mother making pounds of fudge and bring it over to our house. Well, I guess I am a big girl at heart cause I couldn't resist that sweet stuff. So now I'm right back where I was. Wanting to find the motivation to do it again.
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Thanks for the response. I am happy with parts of my life. Him being the best part right now. He always tells me how beautiful and great I am. But I felt better with alil more weight off than on. I didn't have quite so many problems with my knees and back. And he is so handsome but very insecure.
I can't seem to get to the happy medium, where I'm about 150 lbs. I could be alright with that. :)