Finally I Lost 17 Lbs In 40 Days !!!!!

I used to weigh 208 pounds. As you all do, I have done everything to shed my pounds. Member of a local gym for 3 years. But hardly gone there. Took personal training classes too. Nothing worked, everything was so hard :'(. I'm getting married this April 2013. And I did not know what I should do. I tried the GM diet plan, but failed the second day.

When one of my friend was chatting with me congratulating for my engagement, somehow on the conversation, we talked about looking good for the marriage. He told his story of him loosing 23 lbs during a 2 months time with not much exercise and dieting. He didn't even know he was losing that much.

I wanted to do that immediately. He gave me an email address doitnowforyou at
I just sent an email and got a plan. Just followed what he said sincerely. Here I had lost 17 lbs in 40 days. I am so excited. The plan was totally easy, no side effects. I am feeling much happier and lighter. Friends, if you are in my situation reach out to him.

I have never written anything this long for anybody, but I wanted to do it because finally I got results and my life is changing.
rossranjith rossranjith
Jan 7, 2013