Weight Loss Partner?

I am starting my new weight loss journey 1-13-13 and I could use a weight loss partner. My goal is to lose 80 pounds. I just need to do it...I have the money for the food and I have a dog that needs walking and a bike collecting dust :)
Id just like a weight loss partner who is committed to the weight loss..and will help keep me accountable and ill do the same. We can exchange emails at the end of the week sending recipes we've tried, our achievements and failurers. And monthly body pictures if we choose.
I will never judge you and I expect the same.
I just need some support and EP is the most supportive source I have...hope to hear from someone :)
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I would love to be your partner in crime aganist weight

First CONGRATS! on taking charge and ownership for YOU!!. What I want to say is take each step gradually and make it count. :) Be in the moment and engaged at the task.

Accountability... is first to yourself. :) I work and love to help people and particularly women achieve their potential.
Keep moving forward ... :)

I don't know if you are still interested in an accountability partner or not, as your post was written this past January, and it is now March, but I wanted to let you know that I would love to help you with your goals! I am starting a test group/challenge group on April 1st with about 3-5 other people all in your same boat. It will last for 30 days and we will all keep each other accountable. I guarantee success, as I've done it before myself and am just paying it forward! Everything is online and you will be put into a private group. You can email me at teamonefocus@yahoo.com if you are interested!

Just focus on being more active and eating better rather than just the numbers, uts a lifestyle change you want not just to starve yourself only to put it all back in later.
Good luck with it and id like to hear positive results

Thanks steed :) your always so nice to me!

I try to be with people how i like to be treated. We are all on this site with all own troubles. I want you to succeed and feel good about yourself. You deserve that just like all of us. I hope you can add me to your friends. Take care

Im not sure I know how to add to my friends..is that the circle thing?

Yeah it is that circle thing. You have added me now, thank you.

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