:( I Miss Highschool

I miss the way I looked in highschool! :(

And now... I won't mention my weight but I just let myself go! So my new years resolution is to get back in shape and stay that way!

And I just wanted to say to everyone who's dieting as we speak

P.s if your on a hard core diet dont deprive yourself completely of some of the food you love. It will kick you in the butt and you might overindulge when you reach your goal weight!
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Your last point is so key - you have to keep foods that you love in your diet, otherwise changes won't stick.

I like to think of it as "improving my routine" instead of "dieting" -- if we go too far outside our preferred routine, we'll just fall back into old habits after a certain amount of time.

People are fast to suggest various products you can buy and cleanses you can go on, but there's a much more basic app called TwoGrand that makes it really fast (and pretty fun, too) to log what you're eating and drinking every day, by taking photos of your meals. You can keep track of your habits, and aim to make small improvements over time. There's a community full of people both at their goal weights and trying to lose weight, and you see a lot of awesome meals that give you ideas of what you could add to/improve upon in your own routine.

Anyway, wanted to pass that tip along. Sounds like you're committed to getting back to that high school form! That's often the hardest part (committing), so kudos to you on that. Good luck!

"improving my routine" I love that, it give a different perspective rather then "dieting" thanks ^_^

please stop... you are never as beautiful as you are right now. stop, you will hate your self for these thoughts one day.

“In our society, living a happy life as a fat person is an act of rebellion. Never underestimate the huge middle finger you are giving to the world when you make peace with your body.”

Thanks :)

I try everyday to stay above the size that they call thin... you are lovely... you have to know that... Do not be like the rest of them... I beg of you little girl... Love your self ...

Omg me too! I remember thinking I was fat in high school and now I wish I could go back in time and slap myself lol I'm currently trying to lose about 25 pounds by November! Well anyway I'm doing a group 24-day challenge in July and you're welcome to join me or just follow my results. If I can finally lose the weight I would love to share with everyone how!

I would love to join you!!! :D

That would be great! If you go to www.advocare.com/130331168 it will show you all the details to the challenge! I'm really excited about it I have heard a lot of great things about it! If you have any questions you can message me!

Okay thank you so much! :)

You are so welcome! Also if anybody is interested I will be updating my progress through the whole challenge so you can see if it would be something you would like to try!

Okay then! I'll keep in touch/ message you if I have any questions :)

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When it come to losing lbs, it depends on how much you want.
Are you active? If so how active?
Whats your food choices, are u eating enough?

Water is very good! So are veggies and fruit

I myself been working out for a few year. I started at 148lbs. I hit 200lbs last year.

I wasnt lean so needed to diet, and down to 185lb now maintaining. But food choice are key!!!!!!!!
Not eating enough or right = fail

Thanks for the advice, I know HOW to get back in shape the only thing I was lacking was motivation ^_^

Motivation is hard, but maybe try to take pictures every 3months, and see if there is any change.

Also take measurement, and make a meal plan eat 6 times aday.

Example: I weight 185 so I want 185 plus protein aday. And I work my meal plan out like that

Heh, I miss highschool as well.

And I hate how most of them can lose weight or get fit. Like that( snap of my fingers)!

Let me just say, I am in high school at the moment and I dont like my body either! But I took action by changing my lifestyle, making sure I eat only healthy foods 90% of the time (though everybodys defintion of what is healthy and what isnt is different) drinking lots of water, and getting regular exercise. I believe it really does help, I think I have lost weight because some people have even mentioned it, and I have toned up! Now, the changes may not be very noticeable to yourself, they arent even that noticeable to me! But when you get out and exercise and eat right, you feel 100% better when you dont, and you feel so good when you tell people no when they offer you junk food and you arent tempted :)

:) word of advice STAY ACTIVE!
Don't ever decide you don't need to exercise as regularly because eventually you might get lazy -_-

And believe me if people are noticing the changes in you there ARE changes! :)

You don't realize how in shape you are or until you aren't anymore.
I've looked at some of my older pics and I was like... I was hot! Haha just joking :)!...
I just realized that the parts of my body I didn't like and wanted to change were fine and it was all in my head!


hahaha I shall definitely stay active :)
Yeah I guess you're right! Back then you thought that things were bad or you had some stuff you didn't like but you'd kill to have it back to how it was now! I guess it's the same with everyone, and I guess that just happens to girls -__- they gain weight in places and its like where did it even come from!