HATE not looking like i did less than a year ago. I want to be seven stone and toned again. it sucks being nine stone and feeling chubby. I am losing weight now- i think- well i should be- i just need to exercise like hell like i did last time then i can get toned and pretty again!!!!

I saw an ex the other day and one of the first things he mentioned was my weight!! I mean- - just a comment on how bigger my boobs are and my body moves more. Basically saying im fat cause i wobble- made me wanna cry. Not even that he said it- i don't care what he says- just that it's THAT noticeable. two bloody stone heavier and a hell of alot less of confidence!!
I told him he was a d**k and to f off. and he was like 'no- it's not bad- your still fit'

Made me feel like 10X better. Not.....

Ah. Well. I'm on my diet now. I'm exercising now. give me till July and i will be back to my old small self!!
brokenalways brokenalways
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013