I Have To Be Careful...any Advice?

I only want to lose four pounds. The reason for this seemingly insignificant goal is because although I am, by BMI standards, fairly slim, I am pretty sure I have a high body fat percentage. I don't look morbidly obese, I just look a bit heavier than the weight I really am. The thing is, my family has a long history of diabetes, and a high body fat percentage is dangerous. However, I am having difficulty with losing just half a pound, despite cutting down my diet to 75% and increasing my exercise to 175%. I've only been doing this for two days though. But I really have to be careful, because I had an eating disorder once and I don't want to get one again. I do, however, seriously need to lose the weight.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I needed to lose about 15 pounds and I did it by counting calories. I used the website sparkpeople.com. Its very similar to weight watchers, but free. And don't just stop after you've lost those 4 pounds, I stopped after losing about 20, and although it was the holidays, I gained about 5-7 back. I have tried to start counting again but its been difficult.

I understand you may be worried about reverting back to the eating disorder. You still need to eat, just not over eat. Pick healthy, portioned options and you will be on you're way to losing weight.


Well, 20 pounds is a bit much for me. At that point I would have very little body fat, and because I exercise 2-4 hours every day I have to make sure I don't get too small.

That's great you can exercise that much in a day. I wasn't saying you should lose 20, just telling you my experience, even when eating just a little more than I should have I gained back 5 quickly :-( I wish I could exercise for even an hour in a day....but between taking care of my 2 year old twins, my cousins kids and the house, at the end of the day it feels like I have been bombarded by elephants.