I Found My Solution...lost 30 Lbs And Still Losing

I stopped eating flour and sugar. No bread or anything made with wheat. I decided to do the sugar too because it was just easy to them together. I eat everything else. I eat lots of veggies. Broccolli for breakfast. Salmon in my salads. Lots of nuts and rice. I eat tacos from taco bell because they are the only fast food that does not have flour and sugar.
I have been struggling for 10 years trying to lose this weight and this is finally working. I also excersize but I have been excersizing for a long time and did not lose the weight. I am now a huge believer in all the stuff I am hearing about wheat not being good for anybody.
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I may need to try this, although, avoiding wheat is not that easy.

It was tough for the first 3 or 4 days. I was tired and felt it in my body. I think it is like anything you stop doing, you will have a reaction. Oh but the results are amazing and worth it. Good Luck! :)

I wish i could loss weight i only gain weight when i fight and train

Also my family is a giant heath nut

Congrats to you girl!

We call that the Paleo diet.

ok... I looked that up. But I am still eating dairy. Is that part of the Paleo?

And beans... I am eating legumes. So now that I am reading this I may try to go without that too. cool thank you :)

Ah, well you know sugar withdrawal is a ***** so watch out.

Is that something that is meant to be sustained forever or just while losing weight? What happens if you go off it? I tried Atkins and lost about 30 lbs but gained it all back (plus more) almost immediately I went back to eating carbs. Not trying to be discouraging, just asking.

You are supposed to sustain it until you meet your fitness goals then you can go off it... to a degree. The truth of the matter is that if you go back to eating a crappy diet you are going to gain your weight back. That is the problem with most people. They think that if they eat a diet they can just quit once they reach their weight goals and it is gone forever.

Always remember a healthy lifestyle will keep the weight off. That includes a healthy diet. With a Paleo diet you need to stay on it for about a year before the effects of it will become more permanent. However, if you just go back to eating crappy food right after you accomplish your goal you are going to gain the weight back no matter what. Whether it be Atkins, South Beach, Generic Magazine Diet, Vegan, whatever.

Thank you for your response. I did go to the website but it wasn't clear how long to do it for. I think I'd better just stick to Weight Watchers, I'm not good at self-regulating when the time comes to integrate new behaviors with old ones!

:/ well I wish you the best of luck. Believe it or not your diet requires more work, but to each their own.

Don't lose all of the fiber in your diet though.

This is definatly and life change. I do not plan to ever have these thing in my diet again. I am looking for healthy alternatives. It is difficult for some of my relationships. People mean well but I refuse a lot of muffins, donuts, bagels, cake, cookies, pasta, candy, I could go on and on. Truth is I see what it is doing to them much more clearly now.

Grains are not the soul source of fiber on the planet friend. Plenty of veggies have plenty of fiber in them. If you look at some fiber supplement containers lots of them have vegetables on them. So as long as you eat plenty of vegetables you will be just fine.

Advise people to make their cookies and stuff like that with Almond flour or nutmeg. Yes it will strain your relationships. It sucks but you will be singled out because it makes feeding you harder. However, you have to stand firm.

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