When To Start ?

I know I need to lose weight. I have been thinking about PX90, going to the Gym or even take some Yoga clases. My problem is the lack of commitment. If I do it who is going to eat my butter-pecan ice cream ? who will eat my M & M`s while I am at work ?
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Sounds like you are doing well. You've lost so much already. Great! If you are having trouble remember, don't beat yourself up, just start again. Also, there are thing in processed foods that make us want to eat more. Stay away from processed foods, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn sugar... Do eat more vegetables and fruit. As much as possible eat organically grown vegs and fruit. More nuts and seeds than meats. When you do eat meat look for organic grass fed. I'm so happy for you.

Thank you for your words. So far I have lost another 15 lbs doing what you mentioned and some physical activity. I didn't take any pictures when I started so I could compare today. I'm still moving forward with my goal !

That's ok. You can take a "My clothes no longer fit" picture at the end. Then get rid of those clothes don't keep them. You don't want to wear them again. You are going to like shopping for your new wardrobe. The only drawback is you may stll be looking at clothing in your old size. There is an adjusting period.

Lol!! I sure wish I could eat your butter-pecan ice cream and M&Ms for you but then *I* wouldn't get skinny! I would never recommend anything so extreme as PX90 for anyone who isn't already in decent shape but what do I know? Common sense tells me to start out easy and work up to tougher challenges. I've had my share of going too strong in the beginning, only to poop out and quit in a few days but I've never tried anything like PX90 and I'm not a dude so you should do what feels right to you. I'm unofficially doing Weight Watchers just using phone apps I downloaded and I'm losing about a pound or so a week. That doesn't sound very exciting but my mom joined (for real) and was being all modest about telling me she's been losing about a pound and a half per week. I told her that if I had started that a year ago and only lost 1 lb a week I wouldn't be fat right now!

Thank you for your words and I apologize for taking me so much to reply !

Ok I will too

Throw it out then there's no issue or excuse! And if u do p90x u have to be committed its hard work I would recommend getting into shape before starting that a couple weeks before it does work but it is hard!

Thank you for your response !

Hey check out marks daily apple.com on success stories and the primal blueprint loo for the unconquerable Dave story it is very inspiring! On the apple site! I'm getting ready to do this and I have the p90 x maybe we can be workout buddies or inspire each other !

Thank you for your support ! That is a good Idea when we star ?

Well how about we start with walking try 30 min or 15 and I will too today?

Yes, I will be able to walk today after my lunch at work !

Let`s do this !

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