Wanting To Finally Lose Weight

Im a young female professional(graduated with an bachelors in IT may of 2012)- age 23-who is finally wanting to lose weight. I am 5'3"(63 inches) and tipped the scale at 170 pounds today, which puts me in the class I obesity category. I worry about my well-being and weight. I do not go to the doctor often, because i have a sort of phobia for them, but did manage to get a physical august 2012 before starting work(it was a must) cholesterol, blood pressure(after calming down) was eventually fine, weighed in at 163 pounds and not a word about weight. But feel it is time to lose weight at a BMI of 30 and a body fat % close to 35. Right now, I'll admit, I do not exercise much and my work day is pretty sedentary in front of a computer. I do wear a pedometer now to track my activity and steps, and body measure weekly....As far as diet, I am an emotional eater, and work can sometimes be quite stressful- i turn to carbs which includes bread, pasta, crackers/chips. My goals include to lose 30 pounds, get my diet in check, start taking vitamins, starting yoga, and starting cardio exercise in the gym. But, reality is I will need some motivation! Anyone want to be my weight loss buddy to hold each other accountable
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It looks like you have a plan and that's good already. It's easier to achieve your goals when you know what you want and know how to do it. I also needed to lose weight. I work as an operator and all day long I stay in a chair in front of the computer, which is quite passive. In this way in two years I gained almost 10kg. This happen due to the bad food, working late hours, less sleep and lots of snacks. I didn't actually have time to go to a gym because I worked in different shifts. I thought to try Reductil because I saw that it helped many people. I place my order on www.reductil-shop.com In one month I managed to lose 7 kg. Felt great, no side effects. But of course, that was my choice. I am glad that you have decided to do something regarding your problem. Our health should always be a priority! Good luck to you!

I lost the weight I wanted when I discovered a health nurse and fitness guru at www.afitnurse.com. Gave me all the resources I needed, community and encouragement, made me feel like I had a team of people right on the same path with me. Made me feel empowered and proud rather than like I was struggling. A lot of losing weight for me was mindset. I really needed some tough love and accountability to make it happen which is what I got from being on her team. To be able to join a challenge with others, mark your results, it really gives you incentive. So happy with my results. And so proud of myself!! Maybe it can help you too. There's also tons of encouraging stuff and delicious but healthy recipes on the Facebook page you can take a look at. www.facebook.com/afitnurse. It's all about eating right, finding a workout you like that will blast your heart rate, self control, believing in yourself and making it a lifestyle for life. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you! You can do it!

Thanks for your encouraging words. Since writing this post, I am down to 28% body fat and 152 pounds :)

I'm 5'4" and 175 lbs. I'd like to get down to 126 but I'm unofficially doing Weight Watchers so I'm going to be happy with any weekly weight loss, not just big ones. If that's okay with you I'll be your weight loss buddy! I'm trying to eat less (not using the weekly "extra" points every week) and exercise more so I might be able to step up my game a bit but a pound or so per week is pretty-much my goal. Since you're so young you might be looking to really go whole-hog but if you're just looking for encouragement from someone that's going thru the same thing, hit me up!

have you heard of the 90 day challenge? there are lots of challenges out there but only because they are copycats of what we have. and support??? we have TONS of support!!
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