Need To Lose Weight Before Bad Health Follows

I'm 23-years old and weigh around 260 pounds. I was always pretty skinny back in high school, maintaining my weight around 180 or so until I graduated. Problem is with the economy the way that it is I've had trouble finding employment since I left high school. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I have no money so I spend all of my time at home sinking into it and that's where the weight gain comes from. I really never have the interest in getting up and doing things and at this age I shouldn't feel that way, and it works like kind of a circle. I don't exercise because I'm depressed but part of why I'm depressed is because I'm over weight. Not to mention the health aspect of it. My family has a history of heart problems.

Lately, I've been having shortness of breath, I get tired from the simplest tasks and I also have some minor chest pains at random points...probably not good for a 23-year old. I know I NEED to lose weight. I want to. It's just I lack about 20% of that motivation, being at only around 80% motivated to do what I need to do. And with no money, I can't buy healthy foods of any kind so all I'm left to do is eat greasy fast food.

The only options I have right now are to start trying to walk more often and to start drinking more water rather then drinking as much caffeine as I do. I can't afford to buy salads and other healthy food but water you can just get from the sink. I would hope that cutting back drastically on caffeine would help a great deal. I use to walk all over the place...the park near me Pennypack Park is literally 1,600 acres and I know about 80% of it like the back of my hand because I use to walk through it every day all the time. Not so much anymore though.

I wish I could afford to go to a gym. I made it my new years resolution to drop down to at least 200 and then go from there within the next few months, maybe by summer time and I feel like that might be easier to do if I could attend a gym but again I'm broke. Any other tips for what I could do besides walking more often and drinking more water? Keeping in mind that I really don't have the money to spend on protein drinks or salads on a regular basis.
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Your problem is and weight is fixable. You need more income and you need to learn about food, calories, and nutrient-rich foods. Eat more nutrient-rich foods than you do fat and your body will take off all that extra weight and fat. This is what I am experiencing with this eating lifestyle. Get on food stamps if you need to and learn about this lifestyle

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It is true that eating healthy can be expensive. You need to buy the cheap generic brand stuff. You can also buy frozen vegetables. Yes they are not as healthy as fresh, but they are better than fast food.

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. You do not need to buy all fresh foods. What you need is to eat nutrient-rich foods rather than fat-rich foods. There is way too much fat in the foods we eat like meats, pastries, processed grans, and dairy. With processed foods most of the good nutrients have been removed and replaced with stuff to give the food a long shelf life. Well, that may work for the shelf life of the food product, but our bodies do not need those additives and cannot process those additives. Therefore, your body does the next best thing it knows to do with it, it either expels it or convert it into FAT! Therefore, if you eat foods that 80 to 95% nutritious, your body will be able to use all the nutrients for all the functions that your body was designed to do. I will use the small amount of fat already in the food to do its natural conversion of nutrients and if it needs more fat, your body will use what it already has stored. Thus, you will lose weight (most of all - FAT!). Your exercising can be only walking if you choose it to be. I would suggest that you get a ped-o-meter to count your steps. If you walk and make 10,000 steps, you can count that up to walking 5 miles a day. The weight will fall off effortlessly, guaranteed.