Need To Lose More Weight.....

i have had a very rough life. i started having weight issues in high school. before i knew it, i was looking at 30 and had ballooned up to over 600 lbs. my life was spiraling out of control. finally i had had enough and began to do something about 4 years ago. in the last 4 yrs i have lost over 300 lbs. i still have another 80-90 pounds to go. i have hit a plateau for the last 9 months or so. my biological clock is ticking and i need to lose another 40-60 lbs before certain things are possible.

i have come a very long way, but still have a little ways to go. i'm discouraged though because every time i look in the mirror, i still see that 600+ pound person and i know i'm not that big. i was wearing a mans 6xlt when i was that size and now i'm wearing a mans 1x. big, big difference, i just wish i could see it when i look in the mirror.
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Wow! Your story is truly inspirational! I have a great solution to trim those last pounds! Have you ever heard of alkaletes? They are magical! You should look them up! Let me know if you have questions

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Plateaus suck, the best way to get over them is to have several changes in your routine and diet. I always recommend a Paleo diet. As long as you work out you will burn off lots of fat.

Also when it comes to exercise I recommend lifting weights. Remember the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. As a female you will not get huge and bulky, males have a hard time doing that. So get down there and start living weights.

Hey r u online now?

I am. Hit and miss due to chasing children out of what they aren't supposed to be getting into. lol

Hang in there! I thought I never was going to lose weight and remain 300plus. I began my 40s by making subtle changes to my eating habits ie, giving up keeping junk food in the house, eating late at night. Always exercised. But last year I found out I had a life threatening condition. Fast forward to now...Nearly 80 pounds gone. So have yourself checked out by a doctor to make sure nothing medically's holding you back. Then become brutally honest with your eating habit. No extremes. Third, do activities you enjoy. I took up yoga and belly dancing. Lastly, each day close your eyes and spend time detailing how you want your new life to be. Don't leave anything out.Or write it down. Visit that place in your dreams often. It will happen if you believe. Don't give up!

Thank you. This is very encouraging.

I do get checked yearly and have tons of blood work done every year due to my family medical history. The doctor tells me every year that other than my weight being too high, I am perfectly healthy. Go figure.

Good to hear. Just keep going and seeking out positive support. Good luck!

Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

all day n night, hit and miss

I know from experience that people can lose a lot of weight, but then have a lot of loose skin to look at that made them discouraged. Could that possibly be part of the problem? If so, I know how to get rid of it! The loose skin that is. But, I want you to do this...Every morning and every night for 1 week, look in the mirror and say:
I am strong. I am beautiful. I am Proud of me. I'm not where I want to be, but I WILL get there!

I don't have the problem with a lot of loose skin because I was able to tone up as I lost the weight. I do have some, but not much. I have some major self-esteem issues. I have always been put down and discouraged just because of my sex and age.

You should be proud when you look in the mirror!!! Dropping that much in a few years is amazing! Most people who got to 600lbs would probably stay that way! You made the choice to change so make the choice to be proud!!! Congrats!!

thank you