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Nutrition Labels and Dietitian Information
The degree dietitian recommended that your focus should be on calories when reading food labels. While this is correct, it is still insufficient information. You can eat low-calorie food all you want and hope that it will keep you healthy and at a weight that is healthy and comfortable for you.

Hope all you want to; but it will not help you. Here is a more complete recommendation for you. Yes, focus on the calories you consume; however, focus on the calorie ratio of “good-calories” vs. “bad-calories”. Clarification: good-calories are calories you can eat a lot of that generally will not make you fat. Bad-calories are calories that will make you fat, period. Common sense tells you that if you eat a lot of fat you more than likely will gain weight and become fat (obese).

This, ultimately, will lead to obesity and health related problems coupled with diseases. Technically, there are no “Bad-calories” but for ease of understanding think of fat- if you calories as your enemy especially if you are obese.

If you don’ focus on the amount of fat-calories in your food, you will remain on the yo-yo dieting bandwagon and forever a candidate for cancer and other medical problems. You will be a living, breathing, walking medical ATM machine for the health industry. Every time you break down-get sick-you will have to the doctor’s office. Is this what you want from your health?

When you look at calories, the total calories look at the “total calorie” count per serving and compare it to the “total fat-calorie” count per serving. Example: food product is labeled as a “low-calorie” food with the word “Health” or “Healthy Choice” on the box. If the total calories is 250 calories per serving (2 servings per box = 500 total calories, 220 fat-calories per box) and the total fat-calories being 110 calories, what you really have is a low-calorie food product that is high in FAT calories.

Therefore, if you eat a lot of “FAT” you will gain weight. Sounds logical to me, what about you? Here is the truth about that food product. Find the percentage of good-calories to bad-calories. For this food product, the good-calories equals 56% and bad-calories equals 44% fat-calories. There is too much fat in this food product. Here is how you get the ratio (percentage of good vs. bad calories). You divide 250/110 = .44 x100 44%. So now, we know just how much fat is actually in this food product per serving. It would be better for you to eat foods that are 80-95% good-calories with 5-10% bad-calories. Now that will be eating healthier.

What these percentages tell you. If you consume this product, you would be feeding your body 56% good-calories from nutrients your body will normally use as fuel and proper body functioning. Yes, fat is needed in your diet; however, fat is already in many of our food source. It is naturally apart of our food source like plant, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. We do not need to add any more fat with oils and animal fat. All oils are 100% fat so why use or consume pure fat. No matter what form it is in Fat is fat and if you eat it, it will make you fat or fatter. Most of all, fat can lead to heart diseases, cancers, diabetes and more. Here is why I say fat-calories are bad-calories.

Cut the fat out of your diet today. Let your body use its own fat stores as fuel. That is what it will do when you feed your body 80-90% nutrient-rich food at every meal. Change your eating habits and use food to lose all the weight and fat you want.

I am living proof that this works. At this very moment, this is working like crazy for me. Do not listen to other people who will tell you that you are wasting your time and you should listen to your doctor or dietitian completely. They may be looking out for their (the industry’s) monetary interests rather than your good health.

It is your health and you have more control over your health than you actually know. Join us in good health for life. I sincerely hope that join me on this journey to help others beat obesity and get back to a healthier you.

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Jan 16, 2013