Loosing Weight

i'm loosing weight and i want to be thin. i don't want to be a bean pole but i do want to be a lot thiner than i am now. i'm tired of being fat and i want to loose this weight. everybody makes fun of me and crack joke about how i look. in my other story i told how some boys pulled me out of the lockerroom naked and wouldn't let me back in until Ms. Valares made them let me back inside.

the gymnastics class and drama class all saw me. they were all girls and they keep laughing at me. they keep saying how big my butt is and that my private parts are really little. it hurts so bad to be made fun of like this. i'm loosing weight and exercising every day. i walk down all the streets at my house and today i started running sum. i'm not going to have a big butt for very long but i can't do anything about the size of my privates. but i hope that when i loose weight Jack and Randal will leave me alone and not pull me into the hall naked ever again.

but if they do i'm going to be ready. i'm lifting weights and my cousin is teaching me karate. i'll hurt someone the next time they try it. i never been so embarrassd in all my life. to be seen by all of those girls without clothes on was the worse thing ever. nowhere to hide and nowhere to go. i will get thin and i will loose weight.
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

just stand up 4 urself bullies nly bully because they jelus o just plain stupid

dnt wory about pleasing other ppl just think about urself....loose weight for urself look good 4 urself....gud luk

i want to loose weight so they will stop bullying me. i don't want them to push me out of the lockerroom naked again. that was the worse thing to ever happen to me. i think i would rather be dead than to have that to happen to me again